Phalerae Heart Pendant

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Inspired but ancient traditions, this classic heart pendant combines powerful symbolism and customizable details so you can create your own talisman to tell your story like never before. First choose your initials, then your center symbol, and lastly your center stone. We custom make each one and will send you the rendering for approval before the pendant is made.

In Ancienct times, phalera were sculpted disk of precious metals worn by Roman soldiers as medals of honor. We are giving this custom a modern twist by combining today's most symbolic gemstones and hieroglyphs for the ultimate in personalized jewelry storytelling. Reclaiming this ancient tradition this modern talisman symbolizes strength, love, and femininity. Charm is 24mmx24mm wide without the bail. 

Sold as a charm only. To shop all chains click here. 

14K Fairmined Gold, Satin Finish. Gloss finish on request.
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14k Fairmined Gold

Fairmined gold ensures that the gold is mined with strict ethical and ecological standards. Fairmined guarentees that there is no child labor, no conflict financing, miners are paid fair market value, and promotes a positive environmental legacy.

Both the casted charms and necklace chains are certified fairmined gold.

Please allow 6-8 weeks to ship.

All pieces are made to order and guaranteed for quality craftsmanship. Returns are not accepted unless items arrived damaged and are reported within 7 days of receiving order, in which case a replacement will be provided. Once an order is placed, you have 3 days to cancel. After, that the order cannot be cancelled without incurring a 30% re-stocking fee.

Sustainable & Ethical

Our socially & environmentally responsible collection is made using certified fairmined gold and traceable ethically mined gemstones.

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Made to Order

We design our jewelry to be easy to wear and last lifetimes. We carefully consider strength and integrity as well as aesthetics. All our pieces are made by hand by our small team in California. We stand behind every piece.

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